Shaneen Allen, Single Mom, Arrested But Now Pardoned by Governor

What a nightmare turned success after months of legal issues.  Shaneen Allen, a Pennsylvania mother of two crossed a bridge into New Jersey and was stopped for an unsafe lane change.  She was a law-abiding citizen who made a huge mistake that we can all learn from.

Allen, a resident of Pennsylvania, had a concealed carry permit and a lawfully registered handgun while she was traveling through New Jersey, when she was pulled over by a New Jersey police officer for making an unsafe lane change.


She informed the officer of the handgun in her car, unaware that it was illegal in the state of New Jersey. Because of the misunderstanding, she was arrested and faced felony prosecution.

Breitbart shares the rest of the story here:

Different states have different laws concerning conceal carry and New Jersey is one state with very strict gun laws.  For instance, in Missouri, you’re not required by law to tell a police officer that you are a conceal carrier and your handgun is with you unless the officer specifically asks you.  However, we actually tell our students to offer the information upfront in good faith relations between officers and civilians.  We want our police officers to know we respect and support them wholeheartedly and thank them for their service to our communities.  It is just a sad day when local officials can’t distinguish between a criminal and a law-abiding citizen allowing bad laws to cost tax payers and court systems time, energy and finances, not to mention the stress to a single mother of two young boys.

Allen faced a mandatory three-year prison sentence for driving over a bridge into a neighboring state, and for being honest with the police officer.

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Understanding Reciprocity Laws are a vital part of being a law-abiding conceal carrier, even if it’s crossing over a small strip of another state.  Please check this  Reciprocity Map before traveling into or across a different state from which you reside and hold your conceal carry licensing.

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