[Video] Remember “Where’s The Beef?” Now It’s “Where’s the Proof?”

While “Where’s the beef?” was a comical line delivered by a cute but disgruntled elderly woman, “Where’s the proof?” is now heralded by two citizens who are fighting for 2nd Amendment rights to be restored to Michael Keyes, a law enforcement officer during the day who wears a firearm showing no signs of mental illness or violence.

In 2013, Pennsylvania provided the FBI with 643,167 records representing people banned from purchasing firearms because of involuntary mental health commitments in the state.  This new federal case is asking a judge to find that the mental illness disability does not exist for Keyes and Yox and that the absence of any method of relief is in violation of their Second Amendment rights. Still their attorney sees wider implications.“This is going to be the first step in getting the Federal courts to address this type of situation,” said Keye’s attorney, Joshua Prince.

“We have an individual, who we can show possess firearms without threat to himself or others and does so on a daily basis and the fact is, there is no reasonable basis for denying that person the ability to defend himself in his home.”

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This is about as crazy as it gets.  Professionals across the board, educated to spot dangerous aggressive behavior patterns of criminals, who fail to spot the murderer who took multiples lives in a shooting spree – but the signs were there – as hindsight emphasizes.  Yet, a police officer cleared to return to work with a firearm on a daily basis who never murdered anyone or demonstrated acts of violence. However, because he was involuntarily committed years past to a mental health facility he is not allowed to purchase a handgun for personal protection after working hours.

“Where’s the proof” Michael Keyes is dangerous?  “Where’s the proof” Michael Keyes has been medically cleared?  “Where’s the proof” Michael Keyes handles his duties as a police officer without a hint of violence?  “Where’s the proof” Michael Keyes should be denied his 2nd Amendment rights?

This is not about professional opinion which has proven ill directed in the past.  This is about proving Michael Keyes is dangerous to society and shouldn’t own a firearm.  Yet, he carries a firearm daily on his job.  “Where’s the beef?”  Yeah, and “Where’s the proof?”


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