Police Called Twice and Black Male Shot…Find Out Why


How does the Madison shooting differ from the Ferguson shooting? Find out in this current update.

UPDATE:  The unarmed black man who died at the hands of a white Wisconsin police officer suffered from attention deficit disorder and tended to be an impulsive risk-taker, court documents show.

Documents connected to 19-year-old Tony Robinson’s conviction last year for armed robbery show he was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and depression, and was prone to boredom and anger

According to a criminal complaint in the armed robbery, Robinson was among a group of five people who staged a home invasion robbery in Madison in April 2014 in hopes of finding marijuana and money.

Police captured Robinson as he fled the apartment. He told investigators he carried a BB-gun pistol with him during the robbery and stole a TV and an Xbox 360 from the apartment. Judge Josann Reynolds sentenced him to three years’ probation in December.

Current News UPDATE came from Yahoo News.

UPDATE: The fatal shooting of an unarmed black 19-year-old by a white police officer, who authorities say fired after he was assaulted, prompted protesters Saturday to take to the college town’s streets with chants of “Black Lives Matter.” The city’s police chief said he understood the anger, assuring demonstrators his department would defend their rights as he implored the community to act with restraint.

Tony Robinson died Friday night after being shot in his apartment following a confrontation with Officer Matt Kenny, who had forced his way inside after hearing a disturbance while responding to a call, authorities and neighbors said.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said Kenny was injured, but didn’t provide details.

This update comes from our friends at the Daily Mail.

This time a black male shot, 19, was in an altercation with multiple people before police arrived. What was the family’s response? What was the police response to this tragedy?

Koval said police were called about 6:30 p.m. Friday because the man was jumping into traffic. A second call to police said the man was “responsible for a battery,” Koval said.

The officer went to an apartment where he thought the man had gone, and forced his way inside after hearing a disturbance. Koval said the officer was assaulted by the 19-year-old and then fired at him. Koval said he believes there was more than one shot fired.

You can read more of the story of the 19 year old killed over at Yahoo News.

We will keep you posted with updates on this shooting incident in Madison, Wisconsin.


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