Phyllis Schlafly Fought For All Women’s Rights In This Eloquent Fashion

Phyllis Schlafly-young

If Phyllis Schlafly had not stood up against the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), what rights would all women have lost? Sure, it was a transition period with vital elements overlooked by the ERA’s proposed legislation.

Tonight Mrs. Schlafly will be honored at the Paul Weyrich Awards dinner that precedes the start of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

Mrs. Schlafly fought battles most lacked the courage to fight, and time and again she won. She has been credited for single-handedly stopping the Equal Rights Amendment, which in the 1970s was racing on a media freight train toward ratification. Phyllis stopped it dead in its tracks. It was not because she didn’t believe women deserved rights, but rather because she rightfully recognized the ERA was skewed toward favoring young professional woman and that it would punish middle-aged and older women who chose to stay at home and raise their families by taking away “dependent wife” benefits under Social Security and alimony.

The Washington Times brings us this update from Mr. Ben Carson honoring Phyllis today.

How does Mrs. Schlafly perceive President Obama’s agenda?

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