Over 300,000 Children At Risk – Starting in Your Community

This could be your sister or a friend of the family in your neighborhood.  The horror began in this young girls life who had went homeless after parental abuse. She didn’t ask for much – basically food – and then the nightmare began.

Over 300,000 Children At Risk – Starting in Your Community

No mother wants to think about such things for sure but these crimes are not just happening to teens.  Younger children are usually lured and kidnapped from their homes.  This is happening right here in the United States as well as other countries and it’s up to observing, alert adults from all walks of life to help authorities stop these crimes against youth. Find out more from KMTR News.

While Rebecca got free, she helps others by telling her story. This is a huge success story.

Other successes happen when authorities arrest and indict perpetrators who put all our children in danger with their schemes.

“These defendants cruelly exploited a runaway who was only 16, trapping her in a wretched life of prostitution,” Hoffman said. “We charge that they ruthlessly did what human traffickers always do to turn an illicit profit, which is to target vulnerable victims, deprive them of any benevolent support, and conscript them into modern-day slavery.”

5 were indicted and you can read the full story here:

It’s a process to free the innocent, arrest the perpetrators and see justice done and it takes the whole of communities to keep your eyes open.  Staying alert to your surroundings not only for your own self defense purposes but for others will keep your community safe for your children to grow up in.

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