Nationwide Reciprocity Mandated by SCOTUS Plus The Bad News


Sadly, the current administration doesn’t care about the individuals or their cause with regard to the newly, re-written 14th Amendment.  They are simply using this sect of people to change and ultimately “undo” the framework of a document that has provided freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness to more than just one sect of people for many years.  The Amendments of the U.S. Constitution was written by leaders seeking to develop a national melting pot of cultures grateful and willing to uphold its standards for the successful precedence that leads to good for all.

The sadness is yet to be seen when this current sect of people realize they were only pawns of a greater undermining of this nation that could very well threaten their existence worse than ever before imagined under the originally stated 14th Amendment.

Nationwide Reciprocity Mandated by SCOTUS

However, while the White House is celebrating a lie stated in the 2008 elections by Obama that he would definitely and most certainly stand to support traditional marriage but now uses our national capital’s facility to light up the colors supporting same-sex marriage – there are some pondering new interpretation to act on with regards to the re-phrased 14th Amendment.



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