Moms Make More Sense Than A Current Fight On Terrorism


When it comes to family defense, American Moms make more sense than Gabby Gifford and her group called Americans for Responsible Solutions. Even busy moms with young children are aware of the world threats involving terrorists groups like Isis. These astute moms plan their own family strategies accordingly against such dangers while shopping at malls, etc. Who would dare prevent a mother from defending her children against terror of any kind?

Giffords’ gun control group – (ARS) – is now pushing gun control as a way to fight terrorism.

Gifford also proclaimed that background checks were the way to stop violence even though her own attacker, Jared Loughner, passed a background check to acquire the very handgun used to shot her.

. . . in the wake of recent terror attacks in Europe where Islamists were not hindered in the least by background checks that included not only a criminal checks, but also in-depth psychological checks.

The ease with which terrorists in Copenhagen and Paris acquired firearms caused The Washington Post to report that the example of Europe proved the uselessness of expanded background checks.

Yet Giffords’ group is pushing gun control as way to “make it harder for suspected terrorists to get guns.” They also want new laws on “gun trafficking”–although we already have laws against gun trafficking–and they continue their war on gun shows and internet classified ads for firearms.

Remember–gun control does not control criminals or terrorists, it only controls law-abiding citizens who, ironically, are not a threat to begin with.

Breibart has done it again with excellent coverage on this story and you can read more of their findings here:

There’s no doubt that moms will defend their innocent children against the evil of any terrorist group or home intruder as well as other crimes against families.

To balance the argument, in a BBC interview, a Russian official commented about the impossibility of ever conquering North America. He said that “Because of the 50 million guns spread over the population an invader would face a century of gorilla warfare.” He was wrong about the “50 million guns.” The number is well over 300 million. It gives me comfort to know that the despots of the world worry about our armed citizenry.

Find out more of what Mark Hopkins has to say about gun control efforts over the years.

Are you worried about our country’s status against terrorism?  Are you ready to defend your family?

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