Missouri Teen Abduction from Social Media Chats


I was sitting at my desk working when the Amber Alert bleeped across my phone very loudly.  My  heart sank again and yes, I prayed, for the safety of the child and the swift arrest of the perpetrator. Find out what this teen abduction had to do with social media.

Missing Missouri teen found safe near Albuquerque, NM

On Monday afternoon,  Henry County, MO authorities said they discovered Kennish and the suspect, Raymond Vallia, 55, had been communicating over social media for about four months. Investigators believe that the teen’s meeting with Vallia on Sunday was planned and that Vallia traveled from the southwest to Missouri to meet Hannah. Investigators say Kennish likely didn’t know the age of the person she had been chatting with online.

Thank you to Fox2News local in Missouri for giving us this update.

Here is a brief history of the Amber Alert system.  In memorial to Amber Hagerman in 1996, nine-years-old, who was kidnapped while riding her bicycle in Arlington, Texas, and later brutally murdered.

Dallas area broadcasters came up with the idea of using Emergency Alert System (EAS) equipment to rapidly relay child abduction information. Broadcasters approached local law enforcement with the concept, and America’s first AMBER Alert program was born. The idea was simple: When police notified the media that a child abduction had taken place, viewers and the listening public would be notified through broadcast announcements with as much information as possible to enable the public to provide the extra eyes and ears that would increase the likelihood that a child abductor could be caught before those first three critical hours had elapsed.

We are glad to hear that Hannah Kinnish is safely returned to her family tonight in Montrose, Missouri.

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