Madelyn Stewart at the MO 3 Gun Competition


Madelyn Stewart is only 12 years old shooting at the Missouri 3 Gun Competition.

Maddie shot this match on one leg…literally. She sprained her ankle a couple weeks before the match. She did her best with her limited ability and we are very proud of her for that! Thanks so much to her sponsors and for the anonymous donor who enabled several Junior Shooters like Madalyn to shoot at no cost! To see more of Maddie check her out on FB:…
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About 3-Gun

3 Gun is the newest competition shooting sport that combines realistic shooting courses with your 3 most important weapons – rifle, shotgun, and pistol.

MadelynStewart-pistol-competitionThe most important skills for 3 gun are:

  1. Ability to acquire each target quickly
  2. Accuracy and speed at shooting “double taps”
  3. Ability to reload your weapon rapidly and calmly
  4. Ability to move quickly and safely while carrying weapons
  5. The ability to stay calm and steady in spite of the massive adrenaline rush you are experiencing

Here’s more information About 3-Gun at the Missouri state website

If you’d like to find a 3-Gun competition near you, go here:

Not only is it impressive to give young ladies the opportunity to compete in outdoor shooting fun but 3-Gun has a realistic twist to it you don’t find when simply going to the range to shoot at still targets.

Madelyn, we salute your tenacity for not giving up even with a sprained ankle.  You show great character and determination that’s greatly needed in our young people today.  Thank you for being such a great example to us all!

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