Lt Cmdr White Charged for His Role In Chattanooga – UPDATE-Not Over Yet



Right, “at the present time.”

Folks, it’s not time to stop the party and go home. This “denial” from the Navy on its Facebook page reeks of the same kind of “you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor” semantics game that paper pushers in Washington love to play with the American public. The statement clearly did not say they don’t intend to charge him. It didn’t say he was a hero. This officer could have fallen down and faked death. He could have run to another location. Instead, knowing that his troops were in harms way, he stepped up and did what warriors do. Our military men have taken an oath or protect and defend the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic and they know this means fighting even to the death. But do we honestly expect them to face death with ZERO means to defend themselves? It’s shameful, it’s absurd, and it’s immoral to put a warrior in that position.

Thanks for keeping us abreast of reality here and the future for this officer, Mr. West.

The whole country has gone mad. Oh, excuse me, the Obama military has gone mad.  Leaving our active duty personnel unarmed and defenseless is the bottom of low – but now this?

Lt Cmdr White Charged for His Role In Chattanooga

Let’s glorify the jihadist attack by minimizing the murderous acts.  Let’s memorialize the poor mental state of the deceased Abdulazeez while our young boys (that’s plural) lay lifeless in the grave.

This is absolutely unacceptable and contradicts the very tactical training our military receives when facing the enemy.  This can not go forward with any amount of success whatsoever!

See UPDATE to this outrage….




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