Julia Maki Memoir – A Review Released By Moms & Guns

Julia A. Maki Memoir

To honor literally means to:

bestow respect upon individuals and groups highly esteemed for their accomplishment(s) and the character they portrayed during impossible situations during which they acquired these exact accomplishments.

Reviewing Julia Maki memoir is one way Moms & Guns is bestowing honor upon this particular female Navy Veteran as well as engaging our readers with encouraging side notes to reflect and apply to their own real life situations.

When you begin reading Julia’s fifth book, “What They Don’t Teach You In Deer River”, her uplifting writing style and positive voice describes embarrassing moments she experienced that wreaked havoc through her squadron. Yet you will be stirred to giggle by memories that are conjured up of your own misfortunes and innocent mistakes you caused to the discomfort of others. So get ready for some fun moments while reading.  From the perspective of an eighteen and nineteen year old girl who has left home for the first time in her life, you will easily embrace those awkward navigation with a sense of parental, if not sisterly, pride toward how she determined what step to take next that ultimately rendered her successful amidst the most challenging of circumstances.

Julia Maki’s Memoir – A Review Released By Moms & Guns

When you reach around page 100, though, the seriousness of her SERE Navy training (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) kicks in with realities that, even though we may never face to this extreme, inspire a thought provoking question, “what would I do if I faced this or that….?”

Asking the hard questions is what we want every women reading this national blog to do for themselves to discover the successes that lie beneath the surface of their own possible fearful encounters.

What would I do if met with a petty thief trying to grab my purse strap off my shoulder?  What would I do if a stranger has entered my house and is walking out the door with my child grasped under his arms – screaming back at you to save them?  What would I do if encountered a serial rapist stalking me to and from work? You can continue with your own fearful thought processes.

It’s not wrong to have fearful thoughts but it is definitely a tragedy to have them and do nothing about them.

Reading Julia’s Navy memoir reveals just how far a woman can go into the crevices of thoughtful fear.  You’ll be encouraged but you’ll also be challenged.

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