Storytelling Embraces How American Patriots Stand Strong

Remember, storytelling is the best way to train our kids the right and wrong of our own behavior as well as others.  Explaining the dangers of ISIS they hear and see on the news media every week is no different.

NOTE:  Moms & Guns will never show videos or portray inappropriate images of any terrorist group on this website for the sole purpose of protecting your families from such trauma.

ISIS is a threat to all society. They purposely breed fear; hence, they are well labeled terrorists.  After the attack in Garland, Texas, one Marine decided to do something to contrast their message to breed courage.

Storytelling Embraces How American Patriots Stand Strong

What can one person do when America is threatened and society is scared?  Even though we don’t hear it from our Washington leaders we can still stand strong. We must come together as leaders ourselves with the right message, right heart and a strong fortitude in spite of ISIS or any terrorist group.  On the next page, watch what this one Marine started with a single act.



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