Hints and Links for Mother’s Day Gifts

gun-jewelry-bd-fire-and-ice-40-cal-necklace-450x400Now Moms, this article is not for you to read but to immediately pass on to your hubby as suggestions for an upcoming holiday that, well – honors you as a Mom. You know the one I’m talking about. So pass this along quickly and give your guy the heads up.

Hints and Links for Mother’s Day Gifts

For all those guys out there wondering what they could possibly give the mother of their children this year, here is one possibility.

This design is called Fire & Ice.  There are even a earrings, a bracelet and a key chain to match.  Click on all the pictures and you will be taken to the exact page where you can order these beautiful pieces for your special lady.






Or feel free to peruse through the gun jewelry store and find something as equally special for your sweetheart!

WARNING:  Don’t delay guys!  You’ll need to order this special gift online and you’ll need to consider the order processing time as well as snail mail arrival time.

For more options on gun jewelry designs, go straight on over to the Well Armed Woman online store.

Please note, this is NOT an affiliate offer whatsoever.  Moms and Guns makes nothing from you purchasing these fine gifts for your wife or girlfriend.  We just wanted to help you make a quality decision she will absolutely love.

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