Former Police Officer Darren Wilson Will Not Be Prosecuted

Attention now turns to Ferguson as the city confronts how to fix racial biases that the federal government says are deeply rooted in the police department, court and jail.

Similar federal investigations of troubled police departments have led to the appointment of independent monitors and mandated overhauls in the most fundamental of police practices. The Justice Department maintains the right to sue a police department if officials balk at making changes, though many investigations resolve the issue with both sides negotiating a blueprint for change known as a consent decree.

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Ferguson, MissouriMoms and Guns has had many students enroll in our Conceal Carry Class from Ferguson and surrounding areas.  Many fear for their lives in communities where so much unrest has been stirred up.  Many mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, nieces, aunts and even grandmothers learned of their rights to protect themselves from criminal acts whether their origin was from racial dispute or otherwise.  They learned how to fit a gun to their hand for a natural accurate shot and they learned Missouri law Chapters 571 and 563 pertaining to the requirements of permit holders and the justification defense in case they are ever involved in a shooting incident.  We are confident our students will prevail in protecting themselves and their loved ones.

We pray with all communities around our nation experiencing unrest due to racial biases to be a peace.


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