Fake Gun Store Stirs Up These Multiple Legal Issues

No doubt, you’ve already heard of the fake gun store in New York City video taping would-be ‘customers’ who were generally seeking to purchase their first firearm for personal protection.  Here’s what the NRA and the New York Rifle and Pistol Association had to say about these expensive, exploitative activities:

“It’s appalling that gun control lobby exploits tragedy to further a political agenda,” reads a statement from the National Rifle Association.  “This video reveals their true agenda, which is to ban guns.  If gun safety was their main concern they would use their resources to educate people about the safe and responsible use of firearms instead of producing expensive videos to scare people and spread lies.”


The New York Rifle and Pistol Association is calling upon state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to investigate the producer of the video for potential violations of state and local laws.


“First off, the firearms and accessories hanging in the background do not appear to comply with either New York City law or the so-called SAFE Act, ” said NYSRPA President Thomas King in a statement.


“Second, it’s a felony violation of the Sullivan Act for a person to posses a handgun anywhere in New York without a license.  The video clearly shows individual ‘customers’ handling various handguns and doing so in an unsafe manner,” King said.

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