Parents Denied Adoption Because of Their Conceal Carry Permits


Parents who have experienced an invasion in their home and became carry permit holders now discover they’re illegible to adopt children because of this one law.

Gun Permits Keep Couple From Becoming Foster Parents

Valerie and Brian Wilson speak out in support of a Nevada bill seeking to change a law that prohibits them from becoming foster parents because they carry and store loaded guns. Photo by Fox News.

“I really want a family,” aspiring mother Valerie Wilson implored the Nevada State Assembly Judiciary Committee last week. She was speaking in support of a bill proposed to amend a state law that now blocks her and her husband Brian from having foster children because they have permits to carry loaded firearms and keep them in their Las Vegas home. “I am really heartbroken,” she said regarding their current need to choose between a foster child and their loaded guns.

“It just doesn’t make sense,” Brian told Fox News about the regulation, about which he and his wife previously spoke out about at a public hearing last year. “We’re talking about law-abiding people, people who have had background checks. We’re not talking about leaving a firearm around the house.” The Wilsons add that they have had guns for years and initially got them after an attempted break-in at their home.

Even police officers can’t even be foster parents in the state of Nevada or at least they can’t be around the child with their duty firearm.

The state Assembly Bill 167, proposed on Feb. 17 by Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, would authorize a person “lawfully in possession of a firearm or ammunition to store the firearm or ammunition on the premises of a family foster home in a locked secure storage container,” loaded. It would also allow them to carry the firearm around in a foster child’s presence. Currently, the law  prohibits both scenarios.

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