[UPDATE] BREAKING NEWS: Active Shooter in Mesa, AZ – What Would You do?

UPDATE:  Mesa shooter has been arrested. Thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of the victims. The perimeter set up by police officers alongside other community officers going door to door was what caught him and put him into custody.  It was a successful outcome where no one else was hurt.  Suspect was tazed by the Mesa Swat team at a vacant condo on the second floor and he surrendered without resistance. No name has been given due to further investigation.A picture of the suspect will be released shortly.

One victim died. One victim shot is in critical condition still.  4 others were shot but have been released from the hospital.

The same active shooter shot 6 people, killed one, in 3 separate locations of Mesa, Arizona is unknown and still at large. Please, follow the instructions of  police and city officials so you and your family remain safe.

Pay close attention to areas that are locked down.

If you ‘re in the area, please stay inside.  If you hear shots fired, lay flat on the floor to stay clear of any stray bullets.
Cars are being searched in case shooter is trying to get out of  town.

If you’re at work now, be cautious and look for signs of a break-in before entering your home in case the shooter has used your vacant home to hide until things calm down and police searches come to an end.

Follow news on social media, especially Twitter.  Stay tuned for driving routes that have been blocked off to normal traffic.


Mesa Police Dept. @MesaPD Follow

Working active shooting scene 1600 w main st. Avoid the area. Main at westbound closed in that area.

Ongoing Live Stream Feed Updates on this serious situation in Mesa is being brought to you by our friends at Fox News.

Active shooter, white male, bald, in his 40’s, large tattoo on his neck and an 88 tattoo under his left eye, is still at large.   If you see him, please call 911.  DO NOT approach the individual in question.  Search is being conducted around Dobson Avenue.

Shooting started at a hotel, then a restaurant. Suspect has since stolen a car and conducted a home invasion where another male was shot but expected to live.

A separate shooting in Peoria involving a Glendale police officer.  Local authorities have been called in to help in this Mesa Shooting as well as FBI and SWAT teams.


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