A Gentleman Hero For All Moms

When there’s so much bad happening all the time, it’s refreshing to hear a story of courage and strength and self-control. What kind of man thinks of others’ safety first before himself? Who was this gentleman hero that all women, all moms, can appreciate? How do moms raise such a hero in today’s society?

A Gentleman Hero For All Moms

Find out what this gentleman hero did initially and the courage he exhibited through it all.

Some may say this gentleman was cowardly for not drawing and firing his gun but we say:

  • He used his head
  • He used personal constraint

And as a result:

  • A woman was protected going to her car
  • Students lived in spite of their mob aggression

No doubt if the mob had gone further with their attack and threatened the life of his child or further bodily harm to himself, he would have had no choice but to draw his gun and defend himself. Being a responsible gun owner commands you know the moment in time when serious turns to grave danger. Timing is everything when saving a life – even if its your own.

Now we wait for full justice of the law be rendered to these teens for their unlawful act against this gentleman. We are grateful the man’s infant child wasn’t injured in any way.

News 3 at WREG did a great job sharing this story with us.

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