911 Forever Etched in Our Undeniable History

I received a phone call and the voice on the other end was my daughter in Dallas frantically telling me the United States was under attack and to turn on my television immediately.

Only a true American can possibly comprehend what happened that day.  True Americans know right from wrong.  Terrorists who presume to take innocent lives for the sole purpose of making a statement or causing “terror” on American soil or anywhere in the world do nothing more than display their lack of character and cowardice.

911 Forever Etched in Our Undeniable History

This is the truth about 911 no matter the attempts to erase it from our history.  We were there.  Others were watching on live television moments after the twin towers were hit.  Spouses were on the other end of a cell phone speaking for the last time to each other.  Our children will never forget.  Our grand children will be taught for generations to come the truth about terrorists – their names, their modus operandi, their cowardice.

This video is a good review of that sad day in our nation where, even today, still holds to free speech…..



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