82 Year Old Says I Wasn’t Ready To Die. Plus $15 Tiny Alarm . . .

Annabelle wasn’t ready to die.  What 4 elements helped save her life? What 5 components did she defy that caused her situation to be nothing short of miraculous? There’s also a 3 inch item you could put on every window of your home that could very well save your life, too!

Annabelle Williams, 82 years old, is a good citizen, at home, at night sleeping when she is awakened by the sound of glass shattering from another bedroom. Her first thought was that a tree limb fell into the window and broke it but then she heard strange voices inside her own home – you know, the uninvited intruder, that now forces her to do the only option afforded to her.

4 Elements That Saved Her Life

AnnabelleWilliams“I feared for my life, but I wasn’t ready to die,” she recalled. “I started praying and I asked the Lord to guide my hands” Williams says as she heard the footsteps of the intruders getting closer to her bedroom, she reached into her nightstand and shot in the direction of their shadows. She struck two of the three intruders, one made it out but was later picked up by police. The other two lay dead in her living room.


Annabelle who is a member of her local neighborhood watch said she has owned a gun for 10 years now, after being mugged once before. “Its a shame you can’t sleep at night in your own home where you are supposed to feel safe without being threatened and robbed,” she continues. “I purchased the gun hoping I would never have to use it, but I had no idea what they would do if I gave them a chance to get close to me.”

What makes this is an even greater miracle for Annabell is her ability to shoot into the dark and actually stop the threat because there are so many things that must go right first.  Find out how she did it on page 2…..


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