Top 5 Guns Under 500 Dollars

It would nice if you had all the money in the world and could choose whatever style handgun with whatever price tag available on the market today.  That not being the case for most folk, it helps to hear why this handgun ranks better than others, especially for those just starting out in the self defense world.

2015 Top 5 Guns Under 500 Dollars

What’s really neat about this review is that these top five firearms are all under $500.  Now that’s worth some attention, especially listening to a guy that actually owns and shoots all of these personally.

Let us know if you agree with his top 5 choices in the comments below.



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  • I have to agree with the officer. all the driver had to do was stay in the van with hands on the wheel and let the officer know he has a permit and has his weapon on him.

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