2 Police Officers In Threatening Situations – What Happens Next?

The video has been removed from YouTube.  However, here’s a step by step description of what was on the video.

  • camera facing off the officer’s chest visualizing both his arms with gun drawn and pointing at suspect coming toward him
  • the suspect screams at the officer to shoot him while the officer walks quickly backwards keeping distance between them
  • this mean the officer is now away from his vehicle and walking straight backwards up the street telling the suspect repeatedly he has not intention of shooting him and commands his to stop where he is
  • the suspect charges the officer at one point and the officer falls back onto his back on the pavement but still in complete control of his firearm and not shooting one shot
  • the officer quickly stands back onto his feet and suddenly the suspect stops in his tracks
  • we then see the officer walk to the side of the suspect while other officers are now on the scene putting the suspect on the pavement face down and hand cuffing him

This scenario is good training for us all to see just how quickly things can escalate and how fast we must make split second decisions.  Office Kidder used restraint though he was personally threatened with bodily injury.  Notice how he continues to put distance between himself and the suspect.

Can every situation turn out like this?  No, but it’s time we start tallying these successes up rather than only paying attention to the sad results.

This is encouraging to our society of law-abiding gun owners as well as it highlights the efficient work of our law enforcement officers.

“Thank you, Mr. Kidder, for a job well done!”

The next officer’s video is disturbing.  Watch the video on the next page . . .


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