Defense Classes for the whole Family!

New Defense Classes for the whole FAMILY!

10% of all tuition goes to the A21 Campaign toward saving lives from human trafficking!
If you have 6-10 individuals wanting to take a class together, call to schedule the date that works best for you!

1.  List of Classes and Short Descriptions

2.  Family Firearm Safety

This course is designed for families with kids ages 6 and up!  The course gun-proofs children versus kid-proofing guns. This is an exciting, exclusive opportunity for family members as young as 6 years old to experience Moms & Guns quality hands-on firearms safety training and then compete as a family team in a fun shooting competition against other participating families!  Air Guns only will be used under Adult Supervision!
(Classroom only.) 4 hours

3.  Personal Protection at Home

Everything you need to participate is provided in this course.  Take home course materials will be distributed.  Bring a floorplan of your home’s layout with you. The floorplan does not need to be to scale.  (Classroom only)  6 hours

4.  What Women Want

Everything is provided in this course.  You may bring you own handgun(s) if you want a comparison to the other options presented.  Course instruction, range time, ammunition and use of firearms is included. (Classroom & Range) 6 hours

5.  Advanced: Handgun Defensive Tactics

Everything is provided in this course.  You are encouraged to bring your own handgun (no ammunition) and holster/purse for maximum benefit.  Take home course material will be distributed.  (Classroom only.) 6 hours.

6.  Advanced: Practice, Power and Precision

Bring 150 rounds of ammunition and your carry gun of choice.  Course instruction, range time, targets, target practice firearms, and shooting diagnostics chart is included.  (Classroom & Range)  6 hours.

7.  Advanced: Handgun Anatomy and Maintenance 101

Everthing you will need to clean firearms is provided in this course.  Bring you own handgun(s) and manufacturer’s manual(s).  Demonstration handguns are provided.  (Classroom only) 4 hours

8.  Teens Preventing Human Trafficking

Moms & Guns has partnered with A21Campaign to bring this High School Curriculum: Bodies Are Not Commodities as a resource to secondary educators (schools), church and community youth groups, and anywhere a group of young people will gather together to learn how to stay safe.  The course was created for the purpose of ensuring more participartory and sustainable solutions to injustice issues, especially through the educational system.  The course consists of 5 interactive sessions plus Learning Labs to instill situational awareness, prevention and intervention skills.

9.  Conceal Carry Class (especially for women)

10Advanced: Refresher Course on MO Law for Handgun Permit Holders

If you have more questions about the ‘law’ concerning your privilege to carry a concealed handgun for personal protection, this is the course for you.  If it has been awhile since you took your CCW class and feel a good refresher would be in order, then this is the course for you. Moms and Guns specializes in Missouri, Illinois and Florida state laws.

Coming Soon!  Handgun Laser Training, Tips and Techniques

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