Moms and Guns Official Statement On Trayvon Martin Verdict

It is most certain parents anywhere at anytime grieve at the thought of losing a child of any age. Moms and Guns heart of compassion goes to all parents who’ve lost children in a car accident, to health issues, in custody battles, or kidnapping and the list goes on. We choose not to minimize or discriminate against loss of any kind or measure.  Death is final no matter how it comes. Death is an interruption of life for sure but sooner or later the families find a way, healthy or unhealthy, to move on.  Our hope and prayer is that all grieving families would celebrate the lives of their loved ones by doing something great with their own life versus becoming trapped in despair.

Moms and Guns Official Statement On Trayvon Martin Verdict

Moms and Guns Official Statement on Trayvon Martin VerdictWe are not Trayvon Martin’s mother today nor can we even begin to comprehend the pain and loss she feels.  We are either people who have experienced similar pain or we are onlookers simply imagining the depth of such loss.  While being honest validates Mrs. Martin’s pain greater we cannot succumb to trite fix-all statements believing, in the end, we have done something great for society and our grieving parents.

Society, as a whole, has been deteriorating for decades. My grandmother talked about how worse it was for my parents to raise me and my mother talks about how much worse it is for me raising my kids and now I’m looking at the world my grandchildren are being raised in.  We can all agree that deterioration is the result but of what? A gun? Taking prayer out of school? A complacency about right and wrong? Divorce splitting families? Gangs replacing the family unit? The internet sea of knowledge?

Statistics are skewed in whichever direction you choose to make your stand and I think patriotic Americans are tired of the debate with figures that just don’t add up. A march against the 2nd Amendment will not bring back to life the fallen, no matter their age, disposition, religion or family stance.  Grief cripples with an insatiable need to find something or someone to blame for the pain they feel.  And way too many organizations are ready to exploit this grieving process with huge funds and massive media coverage. Americans wisely keep silent because it is not their desire to hurt grieving parents any further.  However, when Moms Demand Action declare stats and make unjust and skewed statements and how it effects society as a whole encased around one particular tragedy – it’s time to speak up.

The shooting death of Trayvon underscores the growing danger of increasingly lenient gun policies across the United States. Stand Your Ground laws, which give everyday citizens more leeway to shoot than the U.S. military gives to our soldiers in war zones, endanger our children, families and communities. These laws grow even more dangerous when coupled with some states’ permissive concealed carry policies that empower untrained, average citizens to carry a gun, and turn everyday conflicts into deadly tragedies.  Read more here:

Moms and Guns Official Statement on Trayvon Martin VerdictLet me say clearly that law-ABIDING citizens are NOT out to pull the trigger and kill someone.  They do NOT have a criminal mind set whatsoever. There is a huge difference between defending and killing and CCW carriers, as well as our military, know the rules of engagement all too well. Moms and Guns strongly declares gun ownership comes with a price to train not only yourselves but also your children. Training includes more than just safety; it involves proper attitudes toward humanity.  The goal is NEVER to pull the trigger except as a last alternative to save your family.

It appears the only solace Moms Demand Action wants is that all guns everywhere be taken away from Americans. Consequently, it’s never a hard task to find stats to agree with your stance.

 According to an Urban Institute study, when white shooters kill black victims, 34 percent of the resulting homicides are deemed justifiable, while only 3 percent of deaths are ruled justifiable when the shooter is black and the victim is white.  Read more here:

Moms and Guns Official Statement on Trayvon Martin VerdictWith all due respect, it appears that these stats simply reveal an underlying anger and despair about racial communities losing their children, their peace, their hope for a better future.  Moms and Guns grieves with you today.  I experienced a season when my middle son was totally lost losing his dad in an automobile accident at age five and when he hit his teens – well, I thought I had lost him to drugs and other unmentionables.  No one can stand, sit, talk or scream an answer for every in-house situation that simply causes our children to grow up missing something they really needed.  Some make it through to find a good spouse who fills that void and gives them what a parent didn’t or couldn’t.  Others don’t make it through at all. The answer is never to blame others but to look to God to help us find an inner resolve, and, in time, to help others, perhaps reaching out to the kids in gangs who are trying to reconstruct what a family unit was supposed to provide for them.

What Can We Do For Trayvon?

Yes, I agree, it’s time for 80 million mothers in America to stand your ground – and pray.  Pray for your family, your community, your government leaders, your church, our schools.  Prayer gets more done than any legislation on Capitol Hill and in a lot shorter time period.  Prayer can even bring peace to your soul.
The best we can do for Trayvon and his parents today is to ensure our family is strong and unified – to ensure our children know right from wrong – one child at a time – so grieving families don’t have to hear about another families’ tragedy in the media opening up their wounds over and over.  The best thing Zimmerman can do is to live his life in gratitude to the jurors and court system by doing something great with his life.

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