Mom Training Kids Against Criminal Threats

Moms and Guns salutes all moms with a realistic perspective guiding them to train their children against criminal threats.  We’ve said it over and over that the “gun” is an inactive object that can not perform one function without a person physically picking it up and purposefully pulling the trigger.   The Aurora Theater, Columbine and Sandy Hook shootings were not accidents and the guns involved could not have fired without individual intent on committing the crimes.  It’s the criminal mind we battle against – not the gun.  Persisting to believe that producing more gun ‘laws’ will keep you and your children safe could not be further from the TRUTH! It’s a deadly lie!

Mom Training Kids Against Criminal Threats

Mom Training Kids Against Criminal ThreatsWhat is happening to our society that uses the grieving to further political agenda against law abiding citizens with such dangerously false notions that their efforts spent will protect their other children from disaster?  The truth in surviving such criminal acts lies in knowing how to skillfully defend yourself and your family with greater or equal force.  Of course, not all situations require the greater force but where children are involved – do you really want to continue taking the chance that your “banning attempts” will render you the stronger opponent against a criminal with the greater weapon.  And please do not be ignorant to think any law is going to be respected by a criminal – no laws have ever been regarded by criminals – it’s the very element that separates criminal behavior from law-abiding citizens. It’s time to beef up the empowerment of the law-abiding citizens and their families.

One such mom is doing just that with her young daughters.

Teaching them to handle guns responsibly is part of my way to help them stay safe and protect themselves.

As a girl, my mother always told my two sisters and me stories about growing up in the Arizona desert. A sidearm was just as important to her as her boots to protect herself from snakes and other unwelcome critters. No one questioned her when she holstered her daddy’s revolver on her belt and went for a walk. She was trained and perfectly capable of using a gun to defend herself in a safe, effective manner. She raised me with the basic knowledge that a girl could safely protect herself by using all the tools in her “toolbox.” It’s that vault of knowledge that sits on our shoulders, and when used properly, can give us awareness of our surroundings and a sense of when we are in danger.

I was about 7 when my mom taught me to shoot from the hip with a shotgun. I was also raised to believe that my inalienable right to have a gun was just another one of those tools. And now I’m continuing that education with my own daughters.   Read more . . .

Gun Safety First

Empowering our children to protect themselves from criminal threats is what it will take to live a long life these days.  Our world is not a safe place – but when in history has it ever been?  Practical parents realize the inevitable – you simply can not be with your children every minute of every day.  You train them to do the right thing, eat the right foods, exercise, do their homework – why not teach them how to protect themselves from gun accidents and criminal threats?

……my 4-year-old daughter might complete her rendition of “Ring Around the Rosie” with the NRA’s Eddie Eagle mantra: “Stop! Don’t touch! Run away! Tell an adult!” (The Eddie Eagle Program is to teach kids what to do if they ever find a gun.)

While my husband and I believe she is too young to actually start shooting, she does have her very own toy rubber band gun, which she can only play with under our supervision. She is very proficient and smart about her safety. If you ask her what she can and can’t shoot she will tell you: “I can’t shoot people, pets, or TVs. But I can shoot at my target and at bugs.”

She has been learning the most valuable of gun safety rules — like keeping her finger off the trigger and not pointing the gun in anywhere but a safe direction — since she could talk. And if she maintains her maturity track, I’d bet by age 6 she will be ready for an Airsoft gun to shoot pellets at paper targets.

But is she a gun crazy kid because her parents have them? Absolutely not! She has never physically touched a real gun at this point. Yet she is a child with the basic knowledge of what to do if she ever encounters a gun when her parents aren’t around. She is learning her safety before I ever even take her to the range for the first time.   Read more . . .

Mom Training Kids Against Criminal ThreatsStarting young in personal safety techniques is imperative to ensure your children understand the difference between good and bad, unacceptable and evil.  A loving parent with hours in the day interacting with your little ones can instill great lessons to cheer the good and reject the bad, to stand up against the unacceptable and to effectively oppose evil.  Knowing the difference is not enough.  Children must learn techniques to deal with different scenarios and levels of threats.  Where do you start?  Of course, gun safety.  If parents don’t teach them – who will?

While driving in the car, in between her little songs or telling me about how “Ben throwed up on the playground,” I’ll ask her questions out of the blue, to take her off guard. “What would you do if you were at Natalie’s house and she wanted to sneak into her parents’ dresser and you found a gun?” “What would you do if you were playing on the playground and found a gun?”  Read more . . .

But what about those times when other self defense techniques are needed for a child to free themselves from a “would-be” captor?

I also talk to her about other “tools” of personal safety. Like what to do if a stranger tries to grab her or a friend. We take time to practice those scary scenarios.   Read more . . .

Mom Training Kids in Safety Options

Remember, a child talking about scary situations with a loving parent is empowering to instill the options available to them to stay safe.  A child who has never had such conversations with a trusted adult is vulnerable to criminal threats they face because no one has the capacity to think through their options at the time the crime is being committed.  NOW is the time to talk and train children.  Even if you’re starting late(r) than this mom with her two young daughters, it’s better to have that talk now than not at all.  You’re children will see how much you love them to share “safety options” with them now BEFORE something happens.

Personal Alarms Expose Criminal Threats

Below are some personal security alarms you can put on your children’s clothing or backpack.  Practice with them different scenarios of being at school, waiting for the bus, or walking down a mall when someone comes up behind them and tries to carry them away covering their mouth so they can’t scream.  Have them pull their personal alarm apart and listen how loud it sounds.  Then teach them to punch their assailant in the groin, bite his/her hand, and kick their ankle or stomp their feet until they’re free.  Then run as fast as you can to tell an adult if brave citizens haven’t already come to their aid.

Moms and Guns is preparing a simple curriculum moms can use to train their children against different level criminal threats ranging from the daytime or nighttime home invasion to the casual out and about town package thief.  If you’d like to receive a download copy, please sign up for our newsletter sent out once or twice per month on Thursdays.   The email list will be the only way to receive discounts and updated information about the release date for the curriculum.  CLICK HERE to sign up TODAY. 

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