You Woke Up Stupid This Morning Says Samaritan To CarJacker

The obvious third asset to being trained to defend yourself is that you get to “live” to talk about it. Watch the video and see if you can detect the fourth asset.

Though it probably wasn’t a “joke” in his mind at the moment he said it to the would-be carjacker – what he said really depicts the fourth asset of being trained and of the right mindset to defend yourself. He asked the carjacker, “Did you wake up stupid this morning?”

But there was one other clue that the fourth asset existed in our samaritan today.  Did you catch it on the video?

Yep, that’s right.  He was able to go immediately back to work, functioning at a high level of responsibility, even after being confronted with a threat he had to deal with – and quite successfully.

You are no different.  You can deal with threats at home, in your car and around town successfully, too! Get started with training and keep your family safe.


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