What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You on the Outdoor Gun Range

If you’ve taken a concealed carry class, you may or may not have received some of the do’s and don’ts of procedures and expected behaviors on the gun range. Depending on whether you qualified at an indoor or outdoor range, those expectations will vary greatly.  There are also important things to understand when you’re a member at the range and bringing guests or family with you.

It’s vital to also note, the owners and managers at each site, whether an indoor range or an out door range, will also want to know what to expect from you!

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You on the Outdoor Gun Range

The protocol at each range may differ. Here are some easy things you can do ahead of time to ensure your experience is the best possible.  And remember, there’s never any problem asking lots of questions.  The old adage, “The only stupid question is the one unasked” also holds true when you’re looking to concentrate on your skill set of shooting rather than getting frustrated because of the unknown.




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