What One Thing Could Cause Problem for Nationwide Firearm Carry?

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Should our nation pass the Bill allowing for nationwide firearm carry? What one thing might cause it to become a problem?

Gun owners with legal permits would be allowed to carry concealed weapons around the country under a bill introduced in the Senate — a measure that previously came just three votes shy of passage in a Democratic-controlled chamber.

You can get more info about the Bill at http://patriotupdate.com/2015/02/bill-let-legal-gun-owners-carry-weapons-around-country/

Three Perspectives

One comment:
Can a state limit your freedom of religion, or your, freedom of speech, or right to a grand jury??? All in the First Amendment, just like the Second Amendment. Inherent rights, not bestowed by government. So the states can not limit the right. It has been unconstitutional for years.

Second comment:
This makes perfect sense. A conceal carry permit should be treated no different than a drivers license. In fact there is more precedent for universal conceal carry given the 2nd amendment than for a drivers license.

Third comment:
While I like the idea of nation-wide reciprocity, I despise the idea of expanding the federal government’s reach even further. We need to head the OTHER way, by defunding and dismantling as much of the federal government as possible, if we’re ever to retain even a semblance of liberty.  Why am I not surprised that RINO Cornyn is behind this latest proposed expansion of federal power and authority?

What is Moms & Guns perspective on this Bill?


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