[Video] Don’t Rape Me I’m In The Safe Zone

 “Their feelings and beliefs as victims are valid, and I can understand why someone who has been victimized by a person, and not protected by the police, might want to have a weapon, but it shouldn’t be their responsibility,” Clark said.


“If we are saying the victims need to have guns so they can protect themselves, we’re returning the burden onto the victims to somehow be able to individually fight off the offense,” Park said. “The issues of sexual violence are more about how the schools and law enforcement respond to complaints.”


It appears that higher level educators forget the reality of criminal mindsets that, lowly as they be, pervade on the ignorance and defenselessness of their campus female students.  To train any lady in situational awareness skills plus the proper handling of a personal defense firearm would empower her to rise above with the confidence to conquer and overcome.  And a fore multiplier is absolutely essential to fight back against a criminal who doesn’t obey the laws using his own firearm to subdue her as a hostage.  Women who are empowered thwart attacks because that’s the only language understood by criminals.


The U.S. Department of Education is currently investigating more than 50 colleges nationwide for possible violations of federal law over the handling of sexual violence complaints.


But Elizabeth Hillman, provost and academic dean at the University of California Hastings College of Law, says many universities aren’t ready to implement prevention and enforcement strategies.


If the truth be loudly proclaimed, university leadership is not ready to deal with the vital need of a force multiplier in the hand of trained students to defend themselves from any act of violence.


“We’re seeing a huge push for this. We’ve talked to a number of students around the country and most students don’t feel there’s any other way to prevent (sexual assault),” Bryan Bernys the Leadership Institute’s Vice President for the Campus Leadership Program said.


This controversial pro gun defense story was originally written by 48 Hours CrimeSider at CBS news so be sure to check it out but beware of more outrageously passive attitudes from the very administrative heads thinking they can carry the burden to stop sexual assaults on their college campuses.  Feel free to leave your comments below.




“The single most important thing in personal defense is to deal with the mindset that no one can prevent or rescue you from criminal acts. After consistent training and practice no one will protect you and your family like you.”  Rebecca Alderman, Owner: Moms & Guns Defense Training






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