U.S. Constitution, Shariah Law & Multiple Pairs of Shoes


How dare anyone put the U.S. Constitution in the same title with even the mere concept of Shariah Law! Yes, I agree.

Under the U.S. Constitution,  people declare the outrageous plots against our freedoms and perform deliberate acts to diminish our liberties while we reverently hold dear the honor and respect given to those men and women who sacrificed their all to uphold this great document.

Then there are those who cry out for Shariah Law in our land because they’re unhappy with their government in their own land.

U.S. Constitution, Shariah Law & Multiple Pairs of Shoes

There is no way, under the sun, on this planet, that you can possibly wear both pairs of shoes on the same pair of feet connected to one individual body and stand for both ideologies simultaneously. So just how succinctly can an accurate description be sounded for the masses to comprehend the situational levity this causes our nation?

With special permission from author H.R. Grimm, there’s no better way to deal with this paradox than to share his “musings”, in its entirety, that hit to the very core of the matter.  If our country is going make it, we must all contemplate our part, starting with this group….



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