This Accurate Threat to our Soldiers & American Life is …..

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WOW!  The 2007 Commander-in-Chief actually listened to the Military Commanders on the field or closely connected to the chain of command directly on the field.  Now that was a working team for all leaders to make quality decisions on behalf of American safety.

Bottom Line: Moving troops out of Iraq prematurely would mean:

  • Surrendering Iraq to al-Qaeda
  • Risk mass killings on a horrific scale
  • Allow terrorists to establish safe haven in Iraq to replace the one they lost in Afghanistan
  • Increasing the probability for American troops to return at a later date to confront a more dangerous enemy

Well, we have experienced all of the above because our current leaders believe that “appeasement” is the answer to a fierce enemy.  What does your family say and how are you preparing to defend yourselves?

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