The Top Five Indoor Gun Range Etiquette Faux Pas

Like any other interest, shooting –  whether for self-defense or sport, or both  – has it’s own culture and language. Part of advancing through the different skill levels is learning what’s required and expected on a gun range.

A visit to the gun range, whether for the first time  or the hundredth, is not an inexpensive endeavor.  Because it uses your valuable time and money, you want to get the most from your experience. Don’t be caught embarrassed simply because “I didn’t know…”  Here’s a safe place to learn what’s expected.

The Top Five Indoor Gun Range Etiquette Faux Pas

There are several factors that frame the gun range etiquette.  It’s not all about you either.  The employees, the techs, and the other participants all have their own reasons for being there.  Here are the key ingredients that will go a long way toward a great relationship at your local range.



This Little Defense Tool Helps When A Gun Will Not

Just having this little defense tool in my hand and ready at all times averted a hefty men sizing me up & down with his eyes. But I also discovered this tool is good for water emergencies as well.

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