The Dangers of Boko Haram Where Our Children Are Concerned

It’s not the intention of this article to breed fear and isolation whatsoever.  Yet you can not grow in preparedness unless you know the facts.  Too many prefer to bury their heads and accuse the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other organizations of using fear tactics to sell memberships, firearms training, etc.

We Do NOT Live In Fear

Of course you are free to think whatever you like and I’m sure you’ll read comments below and on Facebook from both sides of the coin.  However, rational moms desiring to protect their most precious asset – their children – will not simply skew this information aside thinking it is rubbish at best and propaganda at worst.

Wise moms listen, heed and prepare.  When you’re preparing – don’t forget to include your children in the equation as well.  And don’t think you’ll just create unnecessary “fear” in your children’s lives.  “FEAR” is not bad when it prepares you to survive.

You can also forget about all those “nay-sayers” accusing you of being paranoid so you have to carry a gun.  You just keep preparing for the worst and hope for the best.  When all is said and done, you’ll be standing strong while your accuser will be standing behind you – and your firearm protection!

So let’s look at some lifestyle options we can put in place to ensure our families’ safety.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of options but it should get the conversation rolling and ideas flowing.


  • Stay alert and constantly scan your area.
  • Look for people with their heads down carrying a backpack or tight looking clothing that aren’t fashionably tight fitting (where you can see their ribs).
  • Watch a person’s hands. Especially keep your eye on someone’s whose hand or hands are hidden.
  • Always be aware of your entrances and exits, no matter where you are – restaurant, store, doctor’s office, etc.


If you see anything suspicious, get out of there immediately.  Train your children to listen to your instructions without complaining or causing any family hesitation to leave the area swiftly.  When you reach your car, or whatever transportation you have, and you’re all inside and out of the area, then call 911, if you’re not able to alert a police officer while enroute out.


There are so many other precautions you can take.  Go READ this article and download the PDF of information now.


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