Taya Kyle Shares The Ups, Downs and Loss of Chris

Taya shares the ups and downs of her life with Chris as well as the meaning of his loss and how she will carry on without him.  Her strength is recognizable only to a few who have walked in similar shoes.  But the question is clear: what would you do in her shoes?

Watch more of the interview by going to ABC News – Taya Kyle’s story.

You’ll hear Taya share about these issues on the different segments of the interview:

  • the war aspect of Chris’ life and how it affected their marriage
  • Taya visits where Chris was murdered
  • Taya confronts Chris’ killer in court


Notice how Taya doesn’t rail against the government or local authorities.  She doesn’t scream blame toward the murderer even though it was hard testifying and sitting through the trial.  A lady of strength, empowered with grace, moves on one day at a time, to raise her children with courage.

This is one American Lady who is walking steady through the storm as a clear example to us all for what is possible amidst tragedy.  Our prayers and support are with you, Taya!

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