Should Moms Be Afraid of Missouri Law Amendment 5


What law allows felons to possess firearms in Missouri? Why is Amendment 5 feared? Should you, as a mother, be afraid of this law?

“Today’s [February 27, 2015] decision by Missouri Circuit Court Judge Robert H. Dierker is an example of just how dangerous ‘strict scrutiny’ amendments like Amendment 5 are – in one strike of his gavel, Judge Dierker has declared that convicted felons are no longer all prohibited from possessing guns in Missouri.

In August 2014, Missouri voters approved Amendment 5, which amended the Missouri constitution and requires Missouri courts evaluating gun laws to apply the most severe form of judicial analysis — known as “strict scrutiny.” Strict scrutiny requires the government defending a gun law to show that the law is “narrowly tailored” to a “compelling” state interest, and because most laws subjected to strict scrutiny are struck down, Amendment 5 called into question Missouri’s most basic public safety laws, including its law prohibiting convicted felons from possessing firearms.

You can certainly read more Everytown for Gun Safety’s train of thought and the example of felon Raymond Robinson over at VisualizationConference.com

At first reading, this law could frighten any mother but let’s dig deeper using our critical thinking skills and see what’s underlying this whole thought pattern.


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