New Life In America

I think they’re referring to prior statements made by others – but here goes…..

James and Jane, most countries were colonized by somebody or other, USA and Canada were just two of the most recent. This goes on today in countries i’m sure you’d offer the utmost respect to the ruling culture in those countries if you visited.

We a
re expected to respect the cultures of countries we emigrate to or visit. So that same respect should be extended to us.

I am a large part Native. And I support global native issues. USA and Canada were NOT the only countries to be colonized over top of native peoples. You’ll be (un)satisfied to know that Russia, Japan, India, Botswana, Brazil (to name a tiny few) were colonized in the exact same way. In many countries it continues today.

And i’m sure you respect the current cultures in those countries.

So come on. Be fair. History is all about flux. There has been NO culture through human history that has remained status quo.

I’m not too sure I can trust a person who doesn’t capitalize “I” when he or she is referring to themselves.  Hm!

Now, it’s your turn….let those comments roll….

But one thing before we go….as a little side humor…


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