New Life In America

This lady called herself Jane and said the following:

So let me get this straight, when a group becomes the minority, it is no longer their country? Hold on to your hats, it is estimated that whites will become the minority by 2050.

I don’t know about you but that’s an interesting and even hopeful statement, if you can hold on that long.  It does appear that the minorities have more rights than we do these days, but how did that happen in the first place?  Did we, as a majority, fall asleep and wake up to the cries and demands of the minorities who were willing to fight for what they want or believe?

It’s a hard fact to swallow, I know, but we won’t change anything without honestly looking at our own behavior patterns first. In all things, if we don’t take responsibility and act on what we believe in then someone else will most certainly take up another torch whether we like it or not.

What would be your first act as a minority in the U.S.?

Our next thoughts concern migration.



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