New Life In America


Here are some great statements about life in America – in the past as well as in the future.   I’ve read these comments around the internet on various social media platforms and thought it might be interesting to editorialize – just a little – and then get your take in the comments section.

I truly feel that every individual has the right to believe their own way and speak it out.  No, I don’t feel that everyone MUST agree with each other.  I actually like it when people have differing perspectives because it stretches me to become a better person.

That said, having the liberty to speak my own mind is one of the reasons I greatly appreciate what our forefathers accomplished in the drafting of the Constitution of the United States of America.  Do I think they were perfect men?  Absolutely not but I do believe they believed in Almighty God to the point that He helped them in the drafting and adopting of the one document that has brought more good – not all the good – but a lot of good to this world.

In contrast, socialism that seeks to make everyone the same, speak the same, do the same, etc., etc., is completely the opposite to a loving God who created us all equal but so very different.  You might say, because of Him we bring spice into our world.  Sure, some spices are more appreciated than others but the differences is not the problem.  The problem is one sect of individuals deciding that another sect is completely unnecessary seeking to control that sect right out of existence.

Well, it’s time to get off my soap box and let these other “spices”  chime in – and I truly hope you will contribute to the many thoughts and positions listed by commenting on each one.

Our 1st thought is as interesting perspective about minority groups.



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