Moms Have Better Attitudes Concerning Open Carry Than Demonstrators

Moms & Guns is very careful this particular attitude is not among the moms receiving a Firearms Safety Certificate from their Conceal Carry classes.  This one attitude will get you into more trouble than its worth plus send the wrong message to society not to mention how it hurts the reputation of all responsible gun owners.


Many average citizens, including gun owners, tend to share the view that these displays are counterproductive, and the simple fact of the matter is that these displays have lead to both rule changes and laws that ban all open carry in either specific areas (such as banning open carry in legislative buildings and offices) or in entire states (California).

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Moms & Guns never condones such attitudinal behavior demonstrations.  Matter-a-fact, we tell all our ladies is it best they do not open carry even if their state allows it by law simply because of certain criminal mindsets that would take a woman open carrying as a challenge.  When you open carry you give away a priceless element in self defense – your surprise determination to survive.  Criminals who peg you as an easy target should be surprised by your skill to conceal and draw at the proper moment to stop their attack.


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