Moms Agree Criminals Fear Two Things Only

It’s no secret, except perhaps to the criminal, that they are cowards.  Anyone stooping to a life of crime is irresponsible and lacks character to become a law-abiding citizen.

However, there are those who believe sociopaths can be rehabilitated.  I have known murderers on death row who have reevaluated their lives and become peaceful to pay their debt to society without asking for anything more than a prayer.  However, it took justice and prison to make them stop long enough to get that peace and reconcile within themselves the justice that has been served.

Criminals out on the street are a different story.  Until this one thing happens they will not gain self control enough to be rehabilitated.  Wise Moms understand this.

Moms Agree Criminals Fear Two Things Only

So until this one thing happens, it is our responsibility to protect and defend our families against evil attacks, no matter what shape or form they appear.



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