Mom of Sacrificed Navy Seal Speaks Out About Your Safety Indicator

Our government acts like they want to lose the war with ISIS.

Let’s get the major points she makes clear in our understanding:

She continued, “The attitude is so insensitive and so flippant.

  • I feel like they don’t have strategies. As I said a minute ago,
  • it feels like they don’t want to be successful, over there, that they do want to lose that territory.
  • And now ISIS is even more ready to go and conquer more, they’re emboldened to be able to do more and we’re going to watch them now as they go into Baghdad and try to take that area.
  • And if Iraq falls, that changes the whole Middle Eastern control of there.
  • It is a big threat to our national security,
  • and as a mother the last thing I want to see, or know is another parent, another husband, a wife, a child losing a loved one in combat,
  • but I can tell you that if we don’t stop it over there, we’re going to see even more of that here on our homeland, on our soils, innocent lives are going be taken just like happened on 9/11, and
  • I do believe that is the place that we need to stop it.
  • We need to show our strength as Americans and
  • I think that’s what’s lacking for us in this administration.
  • It feels like it’s an apology tour, that he just continues to accommodate the enemy and not Americans.
  • We’re not standing strong, and we’re not seen as that powerhouse that we used to be.”


These are powerful statements that ring true in our hearts here and that’s why we continue to feed you tips and strategies to keep your family safe.  History proves that a “people” survived even the worst tyranny threats and so can we – if we prepare.

Thanks to our friends at Breitbart for this touching interview from Debbie Lee.  Our prayers stand with you strong, Debbie.  Our prayers for all our military men, women and families will never stop.






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