Ladies, This is Good News Concerning Online Ammo Sales


As moms, we have to be frugal in our purchases and having ample supply of ammunition is just another aspect of defending our families.  As a result of the Aurora movie theater shooting, a lawsuit was brought against certain stores concerning online ammo sales as well as other items used in the shooting. The online stores affected were:

  • Lucky Gunner, LLC d/b/a bulkammo.com (“Lucky Gunner”),
  • Sportsman’s Guide,
  • Brain Platt d/b/a BPT ARMS (“Platt”),
  • Gold Strike E Commerce LLC d/b/a bulletproofbodyarmorhq.com2
  • and John Does 1 through 10, identities unknown.

Now don’t confuse online ammo sales with Craigslist type “in person” sales that can be dangerous if certain precautions are not adhered to.  Online Ammo sales offer reduced pricing and convenient shipping right to your door or favorite local store.

Here’s some facts about the lawsuit:

In an order released yesterday, Senior U.S. District Judge Richard P. Matsch ruled against the plaintiffs in the case of Sandy Phillips, et al., v. Lucky Gunner, LLC., et al. 

Sandy and Lonnie Phillips are the parents of Jessica Ghawi, one of the victims of the Aurora movie theater shooting. The lawsuit was backed by the anti-gun Brady Center.

The Firearms Policy has kept us up to date on these legal matters that could affect us all.

We thought you’d like to know the outcome of this lawsuit.


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