Improve Your Family Teamwork Concept In Less Than 30 Seconds

The scariest thought I’ve ever had is not whether I could pull the trigger to defend myself or my family against a home intruder.  The scariest thought is thinking about all the members of my family, where they’re located across the floor plan of our home and if they’ll remember what to do when the family code word for danger is screamed out in the middle of the night.  If I and my husband, as the gun wielding members are not confident that other family members are in their safe positions, we might hesitate to take the shot and lose the battle before it’s begun.

Improve Your Family Teamwork Concept In Less Than 30 Seconds

There’s one vital element to any family defense plan and that’s “teamwork”.  Without teamwork, people get hurt in the cross fire.  It’s imperative every member of your family watch this video before sitting down to discuss, once again, your family plan and what each person’s part is when that moment happens.




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