How Not To Win Friends And Influence People


We’ve heard all the campaigns that Moms Demand Action has conducted to shut down law-abiding citizens from defending themselves in local stores and business establishments across America. If that’s not a bad enough attempt to win friends and influence people, find out what spokeswoman, Shannon Watts, did this past weekend in Austin, Texas.

Shannon Watts, spokeswoman for the Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action propaganda campaign – seen here next to concealed carrier, occasional TTAG contributor and Marine Alan Brooks – was spotted at a local gun range in Austin, Texas this past weekend enjoying some gunpowder-fueled fun time. Watts, who has repeatedly and vocally rallied against anyone who owns a gun, is secretly a gun owner herself . . .

This BREAKING NEWS came from our friends at The Truth About Guns.

Truthfully, she seemed truly sincere in her efforts to keep kids safe – just a little naive in the path she chose to accomplish that well-deserved goal.  She appeared to be the last person on the planet to ever own a gun; yet, she’s evidently quite experienced. How do you help kids digest this rhetoric? This would be a good time to define propaganda.

  • Propaganda is the information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

What makes this difficult is politicians who secure the employment of an all American personality to further their own agenda. Two sets of people get hurt in the process:

  • the individual employed
  • the innocent viewers that become confused as to who they can really trust and believe

The truth is, Ms. Watts is not the only propaganda figure of our time, though.  Have your teens do some research on just how many gun control liberals actually carry guns themselves.  This should be very interesting as well as enlightening.

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