How a Night at the Movies Strengthened This Man’s Resolve to Do This

Sometimes an event that really has nothing to do with a gun causes you to make the decision to carry a gun.  If you already carry, you know that you have to be especially careful to choose your battles.

How a Night at the Movies Strengthened This Man’s Resolve to Do This

Listen to this testimony. Listen with an open mind.  He says that it is not ‘a racial issue’, but he also specifies the race of all the men involved.  However, do NOT focus on the racial part of the testimony.  Focus on the story.  This story is about protecting our liberties.  It is a cautionary tale.  It is a reminder that standing silently by and being complacent results in a loss of liberties.  Bottom line, stay calm, stand firm, keep control.  This story could have had a vastly different ending.  Listen and learn.



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