Grimm’s Musings: We Are At War


Again, welcome our guest writer and disabled veteran, H.R.Grimm:

Most of us are aware we are at WAR. The conflict is obvious and tearing at the very core of civilization as a whole. Of course, there are some issues that should cut across the raw nerves and common sense of every civilized person. These alone should get us up off our stuffed couches, bend our knees before God and drive us into ACTION THAT HEALS us ALL. As a former Paratrooper Grunt I have never been one to sit and whine. As a former NCO and Officer and in the absence of leadership, I ain’t afraid to assume Command! Nobody is calling it what it is so I will!


I grew up being taught to love, be gracious and merciful in the Name of Christ. I was taught to become a part of the solution not part of the problem. When my Mother or Dad made me do that four letter word W-O-R-K such as my RESPONSIBILITY around the house, I was to do it right the first time. So, I have spent a lifetime of being who I am and getting involved. Right now, I am blood boiling mad and my L-O-V-E churns my inner core to ACTION. Folks, we got us some work to do and it’s time to get doing it. Let’s identify it and call it what it is!


There is the abuse of power by a FEW where people block traffic and the Politicians are afraid of a “race” war, so they do nothing. There are the FEW who abuse the power of a badge damaging the reputation of the MAJORITY of GOOD Law Enforcement Officers (LEO). There is the ASSAULT of TARGETING First Responders, such as LEO, Fire and EMS Personnel. (LORD God, Jehovah, protect our LEO and First Responders!)


There are the FEW recorded and posted assaults by RADICAL INDEPENDENTS, DEMOCRATS, MUSLIMS, REPUBLICANS (please comment with links to Republicans in MASSES acting like axxxx), White Hate Groups, Black Hate Groups, *Hispanic Hate Groups, *Christian Hate Groups (*uh, anybody actually seen any of these latter two groups?). We ALL see and read about the RADICAL ISLAMISTS called Daesh, ISIL, or ISIS which are Territories Held BY RADICAL ISLAMISTS where they have enslaved women as sex objects, including children while they crucify, burn alive, use acid to kill, etc.


There are those MUSLIMS who are attempting to establish SHARIAH LAW here in the U.S.A. that undermines the very core of the U.S. CONSTITUTION and everything held valuable about the WESTERN WORLD (if you’re way is so good make it work on your own soil and fight for your cause there than come here and try to make the USA as screwed up as the place you ran from). Need I mention our Borders, influx of UNDOCUMENTED Immigrants, Politicians who pass Laws to control the Citizen while they live ABOVE THE LAW… Then there is the chronic water crisis allowed by flimsy TEXAS LAWS that enables utilities to bilk the customers (Lake Valley Water Company, I am talking about you here).


I am more than willing to relinquish my “Command” when someone does SOMETHING SANE!


History lesson: The French Elite ignored The People until the storming of the Bastille in a REVOLUTION. It took ten years of blood shed before sanity was restored. Great Britain (England) also had a REVOLUTION about this same time. England experienced a Revival by five (5) young men called the Oxford Club who allowed Christ to have their lives.


We are at WAR and I am praying for a Christian Revival in the USA before we lose our very heads! (hrg)

This column first appeared in H.R.’s blog Musings from behind the couch at wilsoncountynews.com.

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