Grimm’s Musings: Smoking or Non-Smoking


Welcome our guest writer H.R.Grimm from San Antonio, Texas

I heard an old preacher say once that when all is said and done more is said than done. Another old preacher said, “It is easier to comfort the afflicted than to afflict the comfortable.” My dearly departed Mother used to quote, “Only one life, ’twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

Grimm’s Musings: Smoking or Non-Smoking

The other day, like many others, I was glued to my TV and slouching on the couch. The cellphone was in one had and the iPad rested on my ever expanding belly. My ears were tuned to the voices from this one-eyed wonder flatscreen eight feet away as my thumbs pounded away at the technological wondered keyboards so readily available in my hands. Instantly, my eyes had access to the World and like a junkie given unlimited access, I was gorging myself sick. The talking heads on TV tickled my ears as the tantalizing FB gossip fed my unquenchable curiosity. My mind was overloading on the eye candy flashing upon my iPad screen. I just couldn’t seem to get enough. My eyes were getting blurry and the only thing that saved me was the flash upon my iPad that said, “20 percent power.”

You and I are living in an ever increasing world of instant access. Yet, I am pretty sure we are not any wiser nor able to process all the intellectual empty calories any better than our over weight, over worked physical digestive systems can the over processed foods we are so willing to consume. The tragic reality is that all these over stimulating contraptions that we JUST GOTTA HAVE we have failed to turn these off and we are becoming brain damaged. At least if it was the intake of food, we could take a dump!!

Let me ask you a question. Answer it honestly. “Do you really agree with all this Political Correctness?”

Yeah, I didn’t think so either. Yet, here we are allowing this crap to be dumped out into our living rooms hour another hour and day after day. We allow it to flow over the proverbial banks of decency and ethics washing over our convictions, drowning our Judaeo-Christian values, soaking our minds and the minds of our children. We sit here on our “saved” assets professing to be the people that Christ saved from sin all the while we allow our minds to be washed in toxins that are against our very God. Yet, we suck it up like bottom feeders refusing to acknowledge that these toxins are killing our culture, society, Nation and, are you ready for this bombshell…our stand for Christ and everything holy.

Now I am not squeaky clean myself. My proverbial skeletons never made into any closets. I need a Savior, that’s why I cling to Jesus Christ as much as I do. Most people who know me know I struggle with bouts of insensitivity and you could park a loaded semi in my blind spots. But it just seems so many people are praying about things to change but too few are willing to stand in the gap and call filth, filth or stupidity, stupid,…Oh, let me just kick this damned PC gate off off its liberal hinges and stop pussy-footing around. If you and I aren’t going to take a stand, in the Name of Christ, what good is our collective witness?
“Only one life, ’twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last” (hrg)

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