Friends of Home Intruders Speak Out Against Shooting Because . . .

This time it was two male teens shot for breaking into an elderly home where the residents inside feared for their life. The home intruders’ friends have this to say about them.

“They didn’t deserve to die.”  Though some choices in life can have temporary consequences, death was a finality for these boys, their family and friends. But the bottom line here is that no one makes these choices for you, especially at this age.  And one way or the other, you will find yourself responsible for all choices you’ve made, whether good or bad.

Some serious questions to ask your children?

  • Is breaking into someone’s home worth losing your life over?
  • If you frighten someone enough to cause them to fear for their life, what do you expect they will do to defend themselves?
  • If you make choices to do crimes against others, what are all the options that could happen to you and your future?

While no one ever wishes for such tragedies, especially to our young people, the bottom line is they made choices that have severe consequences. Perhaps their final mistake will prevent someone else from making bad choices going forward.


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