An Inconsistent, Disillusioned, Flawed State of Affairs


Welcome, again, our distinguished guest writer, Mr. H.R.Grimm from San Antonio, Texas, as he takes on a journey of our own human, flawed, state and reveals the only answer to our dilemma.

Most of us as children from previous generations were weekly attenders in Sunday school, Church, some type of a Catechism (structured or unstructured) and yearly devotees in Vacation Bible School. Even at our public schools the same ethical principles presented at Church were expected and reinforced.

A Flawed, Inconsistent, Disillusioned State of Affairs

Our parents, the Churches and Public Schools did their best to get into us honorable characteristics such as a strong sense of accountability to God and Community, honoring our Country, being respectful to elders and to those in Authority. To be honest, we were expected to maintain a strong work ethic and to treat all people fairly as in following the Golden Rule set forth by Christ “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” (Luke 6:31).

But something happened along our way from innocent, believing, moldable and trusting childhood to adulthood. We began to see cracks in the social foundation. We witnessed enough and heard enough inconsistencies that we genuinely saw what can be called hypocrisy. Sadly, once our perfect world view was tarnished by these incidents, too many of us became disillusioned. Our hopes turned to disappointment and too many of us just became cynical.

Inconsistencies Discovered

Once we saw a few inconsistencies it wasn’t hard to find others and then it seemed the whole world was corrupt, including the Church, the Schools, the Government and the very Community we live in. Even our families had enough flaws that we were shocked at what we uncovered. We found out this whole world is flawed, run by flawed people who come up with flawed ideas, putting together flawed organizations run by flawed people. I’m flawed. You’re flawed. We are all flawed hoping that our flawed selves can create a flawless reality.

So, we hoped enough airbrushings, rewritings and just the right word smithing, would hide all the flaws, all the blemishes and all the failures. This in itself is flawed thinking!

Transparency Demands

Now, we have demanded complete transparency, demanded total adherence to that which includes all points of views and opinions. We want things recorded, video taped and documented, including every word, action, reaction and thought. We want to know hidden motives. We hire masters of reading body language to dissect psyches into fragmented pieces under the microscopes of public opinion and second guessing. And we’re worried we still missed something!

So, here we are. We’ve gotten exactly what we wanted. We have what we have created. Nothing is sacred. Nothing is honorable. Nothing is worth salvaging and no one is redeemable. Nothing is secure. We shake our fist at this God we’ve removed from culture, government, and social norms blaming Him for all this screwed up, flaw filled world, demanding that He fix this mess, all the while refusing to allow Him to be involved. We rejected the God who got us to be known as the Greatest Nation on Earth and now created gods to our liking who are no more powerful than the flawed people we are.

We’re all “Flawed”! (hrg)


Learn more about our distinguished author and guest, Mr. H.R.Grimm.

This column first appeared in H.R.’s blog entitled “Musings from behind the couch” at wilsoncountynews.com.

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