EDC for Women with A Firearm

Steve Fisher and Tatiana Whitlock discuss women’s everyday carry.  A gun is only one piece of the puzzle for Women carrying concealed.

EDC for Women with A Firearm

For women who carry concealed, the gun isn’t the only item that needs to be on a person at all time, especially as a mom.  Tatiana discusses the difference between men’s EDC and women’s.  Sometimes called ‘The Black Hole” a woman’s purse isn’t just a ‘trash can with a handle’.   A woman who carries concealed must be prepared for the entire experience, before, during and after.  Changing lifestyle for carrying concealed changes everything, not the least of which is EDC.  EDC for women carrying concealed must become an intentional  thought process.  Mom’s especially should keep in mind not only WHAT to carry, but where and how to carry alongside the firearm.  And don’t forget training if necessary for the items in your EDC.



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